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How much clearance is allowed on my slewing ring?

That all depends on the type of slewing ring, the application and initial clearance. To determine the maximum allowed clearance of a slewing ring it is absolutely necessary that the initial clearance after mounting the new or reconditioned slewing ring is measured and documented. After that, to check if the slewing ring is still under the maximum allowed wear age values of clearance, the initial measurements will have to be repeated in the exact same way as before. Check the link to open a table with maximum allowed increase in clearance for the different types of slewing rings. As soon as you are close to or over this value, it is important to schedule reconditioning or replacement of the slewing ring. When no initial clearance measured on the machine is at hand, the clearance can only be measured accurately when the slewing ring is dismantled from the machine.


Can my slewing ring always be repaired?

No! To do a successful reconditioning, your slewing ring will have to meet a few criteria. If there is a gear on the slewing ring, the teeth cannot be worn or damaged too much. Only if the gear is not hardened, a broken gear up to maximum 3 teeth next to each other can be repaired in most cases. Especially the bearing part determines whether a recondition is possible. If the hardened raceways are damaged, and pieces of the hardened material are broken out, a reconditioning is no longer possible. Only a emergency repair could be considered to help you out. But even that is not always possible.


How fast can my slewing ring be reconditioned?

The average time for a reconditioning is 2-3 weeks. This time can be influenced by the availability of the parts needed for the project. We stock a wide variety of parts and have a reliable network of suppliers to assure fast deliveries when needed. Of course there are always special cases where special parts need to be produced which makes the delay for repair more then 2-3 weeks.


How soon can I receive a new slewing ring?

If we have your model available from stock, we can have it ready for transport in 10 minutes. It is also possible that your model is in production. The delivery time then depends on the progress of the production process and the transport to our warehouse in Elst. As soon as your model arrives in our warehouse, it can be prepared for delivery.


Can I pick up the slewing ring at Van Manen Draaikransen?

Yes! That is possible! We gladly help you load the slewing ring. Ask us for transport advise when picking up the slewing ring your self.


How do I know which slewing ring I need for my machine?

If your slewing rings are hard to indentify there are a couple of details that help us to select the right slewing ring for you. The outer diameter, number of teeth and number of drillings give us a clear sight on what model you need.